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       ASL Pediatric Therapy Services in Weston has been improving the lives of children with speech delays, articulation delays, learning disabilities, and special needs since 1981.

     We believe children are best served by a collaborative and interdisciplinary team approach to therapy.   

     Our interventions focus on addressing the individual needs of your child.

     Our therapies are designed to enhance your child's strengths and build their confidence.

     ASL is a different type of therapy practice. We believe your child is more than just a diagnosis or a disability.

     You just need the right combination of therapies to unlock your child's true potential. 

     We do not promise any miracles or cures.

     We provide Honest Speech Therapy that gets positive and measurable results.

     ASL Pediatric Therapy Services our main goal is to help as many children as possible. As a way to introduce our unique therapy practice; we will provide your child's first consultation at NO COST to you. 

    Call us today at 954-295-1383. We can help you.

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