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What Makes ASL Unique?

At ASL, we are commited to implementing the most recent evidence based practice techniques to help your child achieve their full potential; and meeting the individual needs of your child and your family.

We can provide:

  • Complete interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluations and consultations
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Individual therapy sessions and social groups
  • Ongoing family/caregiver education
  • Consultations with parents regarding IFSPs and IEPs
  • Collaboration with your child's school and teachers
  • Interdisciplinary therapeutic intensive programs
  • Transition planning for teenagers and young adults
  • Fully equipped on site therapeutic gym
  • All Speech Pathologists are fully trained and experienced
  • All therapy sessions are on a 1-to1 basis......Never a group session!
  • Parents are encouraged and welcome to observe all therapy sessions



Our personalized 1 on 1 approach to Speech Therapy ensures that our students make positive and measurable improvement in their speech, language, articulation, academic performance, and behavior; in months......not years!! 

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